Quality connecting parts produced in Remscheid for Europe

All our products are manufactured on the most modern automatic lathes.
We guarantee piece by piece quality according to DIN standards.
Virtually all standard sizes are ready for immediate shipment from our large warehouse.
Please convince yourself of our extremely favourable terms.

Our complete product list:

  • set collars DIN 705 + DIN 703

  • split set collars - clamping rings

  • slotted round nuts DIN 1804

  • round nuts with set pin holes DIN 1816

  • feather keys DIN 6885
  • gib head keys DIN 6887

  • cylindrical and taper pins

  • mass turned parts to drawing or sample

We especially process:

  • machining steel 11SMnPb30+C

  • Nirosta stainless steel 1.4305 + 1.4571

 Surface treatment:
          zinc plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, bronzing and phospatising

    Hermann Fröhlich GmbH & Co. KG